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York Law Firm is dedicated to helping victims of rollover accidents obtain the compensation they deserve.  If you or someone you love has been injured in a rollover accident due to a manufacture defect (link to “Manufacturer Liability”), contact York Law Firm immediately.  Serving Sacramento, Fairfield and the Bay Area, we will fight for your rights.

SUV Rollover Statistics
SUV Crashworthiness
Manufacturer Liability

SUV Rollover Statistics

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are very popular in the U.S., and sales continue to rise.  Unfortunately, SUVs are more susceptible to rolling over because they have a higher center of gravity and are top heavy designs with narrow wheelbases.  At high speeds, they are especially likely to rollover.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), sport utility vehicles (SUVs) involved in rollover accidents are a growing problem in our society, especially among young people.  The NHTSA reports that between the years 1992 to 2001, 986 SUV drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 were fatally injured in a U.S. rollover crash.  Further, the National Center for Statistical Analysis (NCSA) found that in 2004, 275,637 vehicles rolled over in a car accident.  Between 1992 and 1996, the NHTSA reported over 227,000 rollover crashes occurred annually, resulting in approximately 9,000 fatalities.

SUV Crashworthiness

When we buy new or used vehicles, we make two assumptions: first, that it will run efficiently to fit our desired needs; and second, that it will keep us safe in the event of a car accident.  Crashworthiness is the ability of vehicles to withstand collisions and prevent injuries to vehicle occupants.  The goal of vehicle crashworthiness is to protect vehicle occupants by making sure all vehicles can withstand a car crash and keep the occupant and passengers safe.  If the car is not crashworthy, the vehicle manufacturer is liable for any enhanced injuries sustained by the occupants.

The primary cause of serious injury or death in rollover accidents is from roof crush, which can cause neck fractures, brain, and spinal cord injuries.

Manufacturer Liability

If your SUV rollover was caused by poor crashworthiness, defective tires or a defective seatbelt, the manufacturer of the product may be liable.  In product liability cases, any or all parties involved in the design, manufacture or marketing of a defective product may be responsible for whatever injuries result from the use of the product.  It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that a product does not pose any unforeseeable hazards to consumers when used for its intended purpose.

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