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    How is a Brain Injury Diagnosed?

    Brain injuries are scary and can be extremely serious.  In milder cases, a person can lose consciousness or experience dizziness, slowed thinking or vomiting.  In the most severe cases, a person can experience permanent brain damage or can die from a traumatic brain injury.

    The first step in diagnosing the severity of the injury is to receive prompt medical attention and be physically examined.  A physical examination can help the doctor determine whether further radiologic testing is required.  A normal neurologic examination indicates that no major structural injuries to the brain have occurred, although further testing may be required for more reassurance.

    If the physical examination indicates neurological brain damage, a detailed neurological examination should be administered.  CAT scans, MRI, SPECT, and PET scans, which enable neurologists to see inside the brain, are also helpful.  Evaluations by neuropsychologists as well as physical, occupational and speech therapists may additionally provide a definitive diagnosis.

    Glasgow’s Coma Scale is used to assess the level of consciousness following a traumatic brain injury and one’s chances of recovery.  It tests the patient’s verbal responses, ability to open eyes and level of neurological functioning.  The test rates the patient on these three subjects.  The lower the score, the worse the brain injury.  For instance, a score of 15 means that the patient is normal, 13-14 signifies mild injuries, 9-12 signifies moderate injuries, and 0 is used for brain dead patients.

    Life threatening brain injuries, often caused by car accidents, can cause closed head injuries which can easily be missed.  Therefore, it is important that any brain injury be diagnosed as quickly as possible to avoid serious injuries.

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