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    Brain Injury Resources

    Brain injuries are often debilitating and life-altering, affecting one’s ability to function as  she once did.  It is important for a patient who has recently suffered brain injury and her family to understand how to live and cope with the brain injury and to be able to contact people who can answer any questions.  The Brain Injury Association of America provides a wealth of information regarding brain injuries, including brain injury support groups, state resources and professional services.  You can also visit their California Brain Injury website.  There, you can find information about support groups, current research and upcoming events in your area.

    If you or someone you loved suffered a traumatic brain injury, visit the Traumatic Brain Injury Services of California website. The TBI Services of California is a network of seven service providers who offer various services to survivors of TBI, including service coordination, supported living, community reintegration, information and referral, public and professional education and vocational supportive services.

    The California Department of Rehabilitation is also a great resource.  It provides services to people with disabilities, and also provides a list of California’s Independent Living Centers.  For more information, visit the California Department of Rehabilitation website.

    For a list of additional resources for traumatic brain injury patients and family members, visit the Family Caregiver Alliance website.

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