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    Symptoms of RSD/CRPS

    RSD/CRPS symptoms can include one of any combination of the following:

    • Skin discoloration, dryness, excessive sweating or decreased hair growth
    • Swelling of the affected limb
    • Constant pain that ranges from moderate to severe
    • Loss of motion in the affected areas
    • Changes in skin temperature
    • Fatigue
    • Migraine headaches

    Symptoms often progress in three stages: acute, dystrophic and atrophic.  The acute stage includes burning pain, swelling, sensitivity to touch, joint pain and skin discoloration.  It occurs between the first and third months of the condition.

    The dystrophic stage typically involves constant pain and swelling.  The affected limb may also be discolored and feel cool to the touch.  One may also experience muscle stiffness and atrophy (wasting away) of the muscles.  The atrophic stage is characterized by muscle stiffness and weakness.  During this stage, the skin becomes cool and shiny.

    Diagnosis of RSD

    RSD/CRPS can be difficult to diagnose. Proper diagnosis usually requires information regarding the patient’s medical history as well as a physical and neurological examination. During the physical examination, the physician will observe the skin color and temperature, overgrown and grooved nails, swollen and stiff joints, any swelling and muscle weakness and atrophy. X-rays, skin tests, joint fluid analysis and thermo graphic studies can further help determine if a patient has RSD/CRPS.

    Causes of RSD/CRPS

    RSD/CRPS has two forms: one is a chronic nerve disorder; the other is caused by an injury to the nerve.  Causes associated with the onset of RSD/CRPS include:

    • Minor or major trauma, although minor trauma that results in a soft tissue injury (such as sprains or twisted ankles) causes RSD/CRPS in 65% of cases
    • Surgery
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Paralysis on one side of the body (hemiplegia)
    • Spinal cord disorders
    • Infection

    However, in ten to twenty percent of cases, a direct cause of RSD/CRPS is never found.

    RSD/CRPS Resources

    RSD/CRPS is often debilitating and can be life-altering, affecting one’s ability to function as she once did.  It is important for patients and their families to understand how to live and cope with RSD/CRPS.  The Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association provide valuable information about RSD/CRPS, including current research relating to the condition and treatment options.  You can also visit the American RSD Hope website for in-depth information on RSD/CRPS symptoms, treatment, stages, facts, and other valuable information.

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