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    Treatment for RSD/CRPS

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for RSD/CRPS, so the goal of treatment is to alleviate any painful symptoms from the condition.  Early diagnosis and intervention are essential to avoid any disabling pain.  This includes setting treatment goals of rehabilitation, pain management and support with extensive psychological treatment.  Therapies which are commonly used include psychotherapy, or therapy for any psychological disorder or condition, physical therapy and drug treatment.  The goals of rehabilitation are to decrease pain, increase the range of motion and to maximize limb function.

    Our legal staff specializes in the analysis of medical issues that may result in RSD/CRPS relating to personal injury, catastrophic injuries, motor vehicle accidents and medical malpractice. The attorneys at York Law Firm, serving Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove, Folsom, Fairfield and the Bay Areas, are committed to working with you and helping you understand your legal rights.

    Stages of RSD/CRPS

    There are two forms of RSD/CRPS. CRPS 1 is a chronic nerve disorder that occurs most frequently in a patient’s arms and legs following a minor injury. CRPS 2 is from an injury to a nerve. Further, there are three stages of RSD/CRPS. The first stage usually lasts one to three months. Patients experience a range of symptoms, including increase hair and nail growth, pain that moves up or down the affected limb, skin that becomes dry and thin, skin discoloration, swelling with warmth or coolness or severe burning with the slightest touch.

    Stage 2 begins about 2-3 months after the injury and can last for approximately three months. Symptoms include decreased hair growth, noticeable skin discoloration, spread of swelling and stiff muscles and joints. By stage 3, the patient experiences irreversible physical changes. They can include limited movement and pain throughout the affected limb, contractions of muscles and tendons and muscle atrophy. Depression or mood swings may accompany any of these stages, but commonly accompanies stage 3.

    Costs Associated with RSD/CRPS

    The costs associated with treatment of RSD/CRPS can be very expensive. The medical literature suggests that it costs approximately $20,000 a year to treat an average patient with RSD/CRPS. This amount does not include the cost of physical, occupational and psychiatric therapy, which substantially increases this base amount.

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