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Elder and Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

Our elders deserve quality care during the golden years of their lives.  However, the nursing home industry has historically put profit over people.  These nursing facilities cut corners in order to yield profit; they do not hire enough people, or hire people who are unqualified or untrained for their positions.  As a result, patients suffer, becoming victims of elder abuse and neglect.  This is a real travesty, and something must be done to protect our nursing home patients.

In 1987, something was done.  The legislature passed the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act (NHRA).  The Act established certain inalienable rights to all nursing home residents.  It ensures the right of all nursing home residents to receive quality care.  The Act further established minimum standards for nursing homes in order to protect nursing home residents from abuse and neglect.  State laws also protect nursing home patients, requiring that nursing homes provide healthy and safe living accommodations, nursing services to prevent dehydration, malnutrition, pressure sores, falls and restraints, personal assistance and care, continual observation, planned activities, medical and dental care and food services.

Even with the Federal and State laws that prohibit elder abuse and neglect, it is still a prevalent problem in our society.  Nursing home facilities will not stop unless they are caught and punished for their actions.  Therefore, it is more important than ever to know and understand your legal rights.  The following provides useful information for your potential elder abuse or neglect claim.

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