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Common Types of Elder and Nursing Home Abuse

Even though State and Federal laws protect nursing home residents from abuse and neglect, nursing home and elder abuse is still prevalent in our society.  What would motivate nursing home facilities to violate the law?  The underlying cause seems to be the facilities’ desire to make a profit.  They will “cut corners,” hiring employees who are unqualified for their positions and, on top of this, improperly train them.  Nursing homes are also notorious for failing to run proper background checks on employees, thereby exposing residents to potentially dangerous individuals.  Further, they often do not hire enough people to adequately care for patients.  Nursing home staff frequently have to tend to more patients then they can handle.  The culmination of these problems result in nursing home abuse and neglect.

Elder care facilities can commit any number of violations.  Some of the most common types of elder and nursing home abuses include:

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