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York Law Firm’s Track Record of Success

York Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients in cases of elder abuse and neglect, holding responsible nursing homes and assisted living facilities accountable for their wrongful actions.  Our successful verdicts and settlements are simply too numerous to list; however, here is a small sample of some of our most notable cases in the Sacramento area.

  • We are proud to have achieved the first nursing home neglect case that went to trial in Sacramento County for a $3 million jury verdict on behalf of an 84 year old female nursing home client for multiple pressure sores resulting in a below the knee amputation.
  • Confidential settlement resolution on behalf of a mentally disabled 42 year old male nursing home client for dependent adult abuse against a nursing facility based upon sexual assaults by other male residents and the facility’s failure to protect him from sexual assaults.
  • Multiple $1 million insurance policy limits for elder abuse/neglect.
  • Confidential settlement for elder neglect against a nursing home on behalf of a 90 year old female nursing home client who was killed due to the asphyxiation caused by the nursing home’s use of improper physical restraints.
  • $1 million insurance policy limit settlement for elder neglect/abuse against a Roseville assisted living facility on behalf of an 80 year old man based on the facility’s failure to supervise and protect the elder who sustained between 2-3 dozen falls, resulting in serious head injuries (subdural hematoma) and died following surgery.  The facility staff also failed to keep him clean, as he was left sitting in his feces on several occasions, and staff teased him about his genitalia.
  • $885,000 settlement on behalf of an 80 year old woman who was prescribed lethal doses of Xanax and Restoril (anti-psychotic drugs).
  • Confidential settlement against a nursing home for an 84 year old female client who suffered severe dehydration, leading to critical hypernatremia, a stage 4 pressure sore and sepsis, all of which led to her premature death.
  • Confidential settlement of elder neglect case against a residential care facility for a serious fall caused by dangerous premises, leading to the death of an 85 year old woman.  She also suffered from dehydration, multiple pressure sores and multiple infections.
  • Confidential settlement of an elder neglect/abuse case against a nursing facility on behalf of a 90 year old female nursing home client based upon the facility’s failure to protect her from falls, then left her with a fractured femur for three days before seeking medical attention.  The facility also failed to notify the family of their mother’s injuries and fall.

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Wendy C. York and her team of experienced attorneys specialize in prosecuting nursing home abuse and neglect cases.  If you need legal counsel for an elder abuse or neglect claim, we are here to serve you.  We invite you to fill out a free case evaluation.