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    Types of Truck Accidents York Law Firm Handles

    Every year, large truck collisions cause over 5,000 fatalities and almost 150,000 injuries.  There are several different types of truck accidents York Law Firm handles, including:

    • Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents. Accidents involving tractor trailer trucks (also known as semi-truck accidents).
    • 18 Wheeler Accidents. These consist of a tractor and a trailer and usually have eighteen wheels.
    • Rollover Accidents. Big trucks are more susceptible to rolling over because of their high center of gravity.  If a driver takes a curve too fast, the truck is likely to rollover.
    • Jackknife Accidents. Jackknife accidents occur when a truck with a tractor goes into a skid causing the trailer to swing out to form a 90 degree angle.  It usually occurs when the wheels lock and the front wheels and the trailer keep moving forward.
    • Wide turn accident. This accident occurs when the driver swings out too far to make a turn. This endangers the vehicles in other lanes.
    • Blind spot accident. This happens when the truck collides with another vehicle in his or her blind spot.
    • Brake failure. This occurs if the brakes are too old, improperly maintained or improperly installed.  Accidents can also occur if the truck driver does not maintain a safe distance between his or her truck and the vehicle in front (big trucks take longer to stop since they are bigger).
    • Head-on collisions. This occurs when a truck collides with an oncoming vehicle and almost always results in fatalities.  These accidents will often occur if the truck or vehicle drifts into the oncoming lane.

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