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Shoulder Dystocia

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    Shoulder Dystocia is one of the birth injuries that can occur during childbirth, and it occurs in thousands of delivers in the United States every year. The laws governing birth injury cases entitle you to compensation for the losses and expenses related to your child’s birth injury.  York Law Firm is dedicated to providing victims and their families superior legal representation.  Our lawyers, serving Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove, Folsom, Fairfield and the Bay Area, will fight diligently to ensure that you compensated for your child’s needless injuries.

    York Law Firm thinks it’s important that victims and their families can find the answers they need, so we have provided general information regarding Shoulder Dystocia below.

    What is Shoulder Dystocia?
    Causes of Shoulder Dystocia
    Treatment of Shoulder Dystocia

    What is Shoulder Dystocia?

    Shoulder Dystocia occurs when, after delivery of the head, the shoulder of the infant gets stuck below the mother’s pubic bone. Shoulder Dystocia typically happens when a baby is unusually large or the mother’s pelvic opening is too small for the baby’s shoulders to come out. The complication can cause serious and life-long injuries to newborn babies.

    Causes of Shoulder Dystocia

    There are several possible causes of Shoulder Dystocia.  However, if your child has suffered Shoulder Dystocia and Erb’s palsy due to your hospital, doctor, or nurse’s medical negligence, you should contact an attorney right away.  York Law Firm is experienced in prosecuting cases of Shoulder Dystocia and can help you obtain compensation for your child’s injuries.

    Improper Use of Forceps or Vacuum:

    When a baby’s shoulder is stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone, the doctor will use forceps or a vacuum to dislodge the shoulder.  Forceps are used to grip a baby’s head and guide it out of the birth canal, and a vacuum is a suction cup that’s placed over the baby’s head which allows the physician to pull out the child with more ease.  If either is used excessively, they can cause Shoulder Dystocia from nerve damage which can eventually lead to Erb’s Palsy.

    Excessive Force:

    If the doctor or medical staff uses excessive force to extract a child from the birth canal when the baby’s shoulder is stuck on the mother’s pubic bone, the baby can develop Shoulder Dystocia, which can cause Erb’s Palsy.

    Treatment of Shoulder Dystocia

    Most Shoulder Dystocia injuries will spontaneously resolve over the course of several months to a year. Within weeks of birth, the infant will typically endure physical therapy to strength muscles whose nerves have been damaged. For permanent injuries, the child will endure both physical therapy and surgical therapy. Surgical therapy requires nerve grafting (where a healthy nerve is used to replace a portion of a defective one) or muscle transposition (where a working muscle replaces one that isn’t working).

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