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    Cerebral Palsy Treatment and Therapy for Children

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for cerebral palsy.  Early detection and ongoing treatment is essential to help a child function at the highest possible level.  There are many different therapies and treatment methods available.  While treatment won’t cure cerebral palsy, it can improve the child’s quality of life, reduce disabilities, and enhance the child’s ability to participate socially and academically.

    The type of care plan depends primarily on the needs and condition of the child.  The most common types of treatment include the following:

    Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is extremely important for children who suffer from cerebral palsy.  It typically involves stretching, physical exercises, and other exercises that help with flexibility, control, and improve muscle strength.  A physical therapist helps improve development of muscles in the body, including the legs, arms and abdomen.  Children who endure physical therapy learn better ways to move and balance.  Physical therapy can begin as soon as the child exhibits muscle tone abnormality or developmental delay.

    Occupational Therapy. Occupational therapy will help improve the development of small muscles in the body, including the hands, fingers, feet, face and toes.  They also teach the child how to perform daily living functions, such as feeding, writing, cutting with scissors, brushing teeth and dressing.

    Speech Therapy. Speech therapy helps improve a child’s ability to communicate.  Many children who have cerebral palsy have difficulty speaking due to involuntary movements of muscles in the tongue and mouth.  Speech therapy works on developing better control of the mouth and jaw muscles.  Physical therapists will develop alternative means of communication for children who cannot speak, such as using sign language or teaching the child how to use special computer equipment that talks for them.

    Surgery. Although surgery is not always needed, it is sometimes recommended to help loosen tight or stiff muscles or correct problems.  Surgery is required to place muscles, tendons, nerves or joints in their correct positions.  It may also be recommended to improve a child’s ability to walk, balance and to prevent deformity.

    Drug Therapy. Doctors may prescribe medications to relax tight muscles or to reduce muscle spasms and seizures.

    Other Treatment. Because many children with cerebral palsy can suffer from emotional or behavioral problems, sessions with a psychologist or counselor may be beneficial.

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