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    Filing a Cerebral Palsy Claim

    If you are filing a brain injury claim, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Contact an experienced attorney you can trust to timely protect your claim.  Your claim must be filed within the applicable statute of limitations.  The statute of limitation differs depending on the subject matter of your case.  At York Law Firm, our attorneys can protect your legal rights and ensure that your claim is timely filed within the applicable statute of limitations.
    • Find an experienced birth injury attorney to handle your case.  Wendy York and her team of experienced legal professionals are known for their skill in presenting the strongest cases possible on behalf of their clients.  York Law Firm is dedicated to helping birth injury victims obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.  If you believe you have a potential case, contact our firm to schedule a consultation with one of our birth injury attorneys.

    Who is liable in a birth injury case?

    Unfortunately, cerebral palsy is often caused by medical malpractice.  Doctors and hospitals may make mistakes during delivery.  Leaving the child in the birth canal too long, failing to recognize and treat seizures following delivery, failing to unwrap the umbilical cord wrapped around the infant’s neck, excessive use of vacuum extraction or improper use of forceps can all cause the child to develop cerebral palsy.

    At York Law Firm, our skilled attorneys can evaluate your child’s case and advise you of your legal rights.  We understand that birth injuries are among the most life-altering, tragic injuries.  We work diligently to make sure that the responsible party is held accountable, and will get your child the compensation to which he or she is entitled.

    Legal Considerations in a Birth Injury Case

    Statute of Limitations. As with any lawsuit, birth injury lawsuits must be filed within a certain period of time of the harmful wrongful conduct, a period known as the statute of limitations.  Failure to bring suit within this period may bar your ability to bring suit completely.  The statute of limitations, however, differs depending on the subject matter of the case.  At York Law Firm, our attorneys can advise and protect your legal claim.

    For a more complete evaluation of your case, contact one of our skilled attorneys.  We at York Law Firm offer a free case evaluation.

    Recovering Damages in a Cerebral Palsy Case

    The injured plaintiff can recover past and future medical expenses and non-economic damages (also referred to as pain and suffering – the harms, injuries and losses suffered). Punitive damages can also be awarded when the plaintiff can prove that the wrongdoer acted fraudulently, maliciously or recklessly.

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    Of course, York Law Firm offers you and your family our legal services.  Our team of experienced birth injury attorneys will advise you of your legal rights and will work with your child to get the compensation to which your child is entitled.  Contact our law firm today for a free case evaluation.