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York Law Firm has demonstrated the ability to manage complex litigation and we have substantial experience representing the rights of workers and consumers in class action and mass tort lawsuits. Over the past several years, our attorneys have represented thousands of individual clients in class action matters, including those involving a wage and hour claim or overtime compensation complaint. Our wage claim lawyers can advise you about your rights within the workplace and your options for filing a claim if you feel those rights have been violated. Please contact our wage claim and overtime compensation lawyers if you would like more information.

Wage and Hour Labor Law

The California Labor Code and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are clear: employees should be paid for the hours worked. Employers often ignore the law and intimidate or confuse their employees to avoid complying. California law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) covers many requirements, including such things as strict rules about:

  • Failure to pay overtime for all hours worked in excess of eight hours per day, or all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per work week
  • Failure to record time you are required to be at work before or after the shift
  • Failure to compensate for meal breaks when the employee is actually at work and not on a break from work
  • Allocating the hours worked for different departments, even if it is with the same employer to avoid paying overtime
  • Failure to pay for on-call time
  • Failure to reimburse for employer mandated uniforms or equipment

Class Actions

A class action is a powerful legal tool which allows ordinary workers to join forces to fight injustice. Class actions differ from regular lawsuits in that they usually involve many people working together to focus their collective strength against a single wrongdoer, usually a large corporation. Class actions are like King David’s sling used to bring down mighty Goliath. They are a great legal tool to hold corporations responsible for their unlawful conduct. It is justice on steroids.

Wage disputes are often the subject of class action litigation. These disputes frequently arise from the misclassification of employees as exempt and failure to provide appropriate overtime compensation. Lawyers are able to prosecute wage and hour class action lawsuits effectively because seemingly small individual employee claims can become quite significant when all of the employees join together.

Types of Employees

There are two types of employees: exempt and non-exempt employees. Exempt employees are ones that are exempt from the FLSA’s overtime provisions and is generally a person with a special skill or license. Non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay under the FLSA. If thy work more than 40 hours in a workweek, their employer is required to pay them one-and-a-half times their regular rate of pay.

Types of Wage and Hour Violations

The United States have numerous laws in place to protect its workers from wage and hour violations. Even with regulations that deter wage and hour violations, they still occur. Click here for a list of common types of wage and hour violations.

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