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    What to do if you are being Harassed in the Workplace

    Workplace harassment is against the law. If you or someone you know is being harassed at work, ask them to stop. The person may not be aware that you are offended by his or her actions. If the harassment persists, contact your human resources department immediately to report the instance(s) of harassment.

    If you have reported the instance(s) of harassment to human resources and the harassment continues, it is time to make a formal complaint in the form of a lawsuit. It is important to enlist the legal services of an attorney whom you trust and whom you feel will fight for your legal rights. York Law Firm is comprised of experienced workplace harassment attorneys who will do just that. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with unparalleled legal representation and will help you obtain justice.

    Filing a Harassment Complaint

    If you are filing a workplace harassment claim, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Contact an experienced attorney you can trust to timely file your claim within the applicable statute of limitations.  The statute of limitation differs depending on the subject matter of your case.  At York Law Firm, our attorneys can protect your legal rights and ensure that your claim is timely filed with the applicable statute of limitations.
    • Find an experienced workplace harassment attorney to handle your case.  Wendy York and her team of experienced legal professionals are known for their skill in presenting the strongest cases possible on behalf of their clients.  If you believe you have a potential case, contact our firm to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

    Contact Our Workplace Harassment Attorneys

    If you have experienced workplace harassment, you need legal counsel who will fight to protect your legal claim.  York Law Firm is comprised of experienced workplace harassment attorneys who will work earnestly to make sure responsible parties are held accountable for their actions.  Contact us today for a free case evaluation.