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Brain Injuries from Automobile Accidents

Brain Injuries from Car Crashes The brain is involved in everything we think, everything we do, and everything we feel.  It acts as an information highway, delivering messages from the brain to different parts of your body.  When someone experiences a brain injury, however, the brain functions are disrupted.  What someone used to be able…

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Insurance Warning

Do You Know Your Rights? According to the California Highway Patrol’s 2007 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, there were 188,551 collisions on state highways in 2007.  Of the 188,551 collisions, 184994 resulted in injury.  Following these collisions, most vehicle owners report the accident to their insurance company and have their vehicles repaired.  Once the vehicle…

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GM & Chrysler

Bankrupt and No Longer Liable for Injuries or Death from Defective Products from Pre-Bankruptcy Days In what seems a futile attempt to save the crumbling economy, the U.S. poured a great deal of tax dollars to keep the auto-industry afloat.  The car company GM received $49.8 billion dollars and Chrysler received $15.5 billion.  In addition,…

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