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Physical and Chemical Restraints – Friend or Foe?

Physical and Chemical Restraints – Friend or Foe?Physical and Chemical Restraints Dangerous to Nursing Home Patients It is a common practice among nursing homes today to use restraints, both physical and chemical, to medically treat a patient.  Not all restraints are illegal, as there are proper as well as improper uses of restraints.  Restraints are…

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When a Residential Care Facility is Inadequate

Your mom and dad are getting older, and can no longer live on their own.  They can still walk, talk, and are mentally and emotionally stable, but they need assistance with daily activities that most people take for granted – eating, dressing, bathing, brushing their teeth, or need help with housekeeping.  Where do they go?…

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How to Choose the Right Nursing Home Facility

What Nursing Home Facility is Right for my Loved One? Choosing a nursing home facility is a daunting task.  There are reasons why nursing homes are deemed undesirable – many provide inadequate care, and smell like urine and death.  Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your loved one is receiving the…

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